Is the food you’re eating today giving your body what it needs to look, feel and be at its best?

Or, like many of us, do you eat foods so laden with damaging ingredients that you regularly feel tired and stressed and your face and body are showing it? There is a better way.

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Spring. Asparagus. Asparagus is one of a wealth of tasty veggies that have sprung into season. Whether blanched, sautéed or roasted, the graceful spears add a touch of sophistication and colour to any dish. And if you needed any more convincing they amount to just four calories per spear.

For years asparagus has been a traditional medicine in Asia and its full of antioxidants and nutrients which increases urinary output and helps with high blood pressure, heart disease and fluid retention. Asparagus also has been known to have a mild anti-inflammatory healing action.

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6 Ways Eating Avocado Prevents Heart Disease

Avocado cardiovascular benefitsAvocados are one of the healthiest foods you can eat to protect yourself against cardiovascular disease, by far the most common cause of death worldwide.

For decades people were told by doctors and nutritionists to avoid avocado because it is a high-fat food. We now know this advice was dead wrong. Avocados are not fattening, do not raise LDL cholesterol and are in fact an excellent food to eat for a healthy heart.

Here are 6 important reasons why eating avocados can help you maintain your cardiovascular health, and quite possibly live a much longer life.

1. Monounsaturated Fats

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Avocado Salad Recipe with Salmon and Pumpkin Seeds

Avocado for saladThis recipe is one of my favorite meals for lunch or dinner. It combines avocado with wild salmon, pumpkin seeds and several other healthy foods into an extremely nutritious meal.

Due to the low carbohydrates, high protein and healthy fats in this avocado salad, it tends to satisfy your hunger for much longer than a sandwich, pasta or rice dish. Eating meals like this can really help avoid that afternoon slump that leads to unhealthy snacking, or late night cravings on the couch.

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An Avocado Hair Mask for Soft and Shiny Hair

Avocado for hairHere is a simple homemade avocado hair mask recipe for naturally soft and shiny locks. When applied to your hair the omega-9 oils found in avocado penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, improving its texture and appearance.

Other nutritional elements in avocado are also believed to have a positive effect on your hair follicles with many reports of topical application of the fruit promoting hair growth.

Avocado Hair Mask Ingredients

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Pineapple Ripening: How to Pick, Ripen and Prepare Pineapples

Pick the perfect pineappleHere’s how to choose a good pineapple at the market, an unusual tip for pineapple ripening and how to prepare pineapples for juicing and other healthy recipes.

How to Select a Pineapple

When you’re looking to pick a good pineapple start with the size a color.

The best pineapples to choose should look quite wide and deeply colored rather than pale. The spiky leaves on top should not be wilted and instead be fresh, firm and green.

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