An Avocado Hair Mask for Soft and Shiny Hair

Avocado for hairHere is a simple homemade avocado hair mask recipe for naturally soft and shiny locks. When applied to your hair the omega-9 oils found in avocado penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, improving its texture and appearance.

Other nutritional elements in avocado are also believed to have a positive effect on your hair follicles with many reports of topical application of the fruit promoting hair growth.

Avocado Hair Mask Ingredients

There are 4 ingredients in this natural hair treatment: half a soft avocado (possibly a whole one for very long hair), half a very ripe banana, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil.

Realistically, any of these but the avocado itself could be skipped if you don’t have them. But combining all 4 together make a particularly powerful treatment.

Alongside the moisturizing and conditioning properties of the avocado itself, the nutrients in bananas are known to be particularly good for softening your hair, improving its elasticity and preventing split ends.

You do want the banana you use to be very ripe though, the more black spots the better. Additionally, some people recommend slicing out the middle seeds. This might be worthwhile if you have curly hair where they could get caught in it.

Extra virgin coconut oil is full of capric and lauric acid, which have antimicrobial properties and can help minimize hair loss. Coconut oil is also extremely moisturizing and is well known to help prevent dandruff as well.

Rosemary essential oil not only smells great, it is also said to stimulate your hair follicles and promote increased hair growth. As with any essential oil, you will only need a few drops and never apply it directly to your hair without first mixing it with a carrier oil or in a hair mask recipe like this first.

How to Make an Avocado Hair Mask

A good blender like this makes it easier to mix these ingredients up thoroughly. If you do decide to mash them up in a bowl instead then make sure they are really well mixed.

For the mashing method, I found it best to start with a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil in the bottom of a bowl. If you live in a hot climate this will come from the container in liquid form. For the rest of us it will be solid but soft at room temperature. You may want to heat it a little to liquify it.

Peel and add the ripe banana to the bowl and mash it up well a fork into the coconut oil until you have a soft and smooth consistency.

Next add your avocado and pour just a few drops of rosemary oil over the top. Rosemary essential oil is potent and two or three drops is generally enough, perhaps four or five for long hair using a full avocado but no more.

Mash up the mixture well again until it’s smooth and creamy and there are no clumps. Now it’s ready to apply.

Hair Mask Application

Take the mixture to your bathroom and start by applying it to the roots of your hair in the center. You can use a brush with wide bristles or a comb if you like, but most people seem to find fingers the easiest. Keeping a towel wrapped around your shoulders can be a good idea for any drips.

Work from the center of your hair down one side and then the other, concentrating first on the roots and then down the length of the hair. Make sure to always be gentle and avoid pulling any tangled hair. Just apply the hair treatment first and it will be easier to get out after you shower it off later.

Once you have smoothed the mask over all your hair and massaged it in well you can cover it with a shower cap, or a towel you don’t mind washing, and leave it in for at least fifteen minutes, preferably half an hour.

After that time, have a shower and wash it out really well under lukewarm but not very hot water. Next shampoo your hair, ideally with a chemical free shampoo, and gently comb through the strands under the water to make sure the hair mask is all gone.

No conditioner is needed after using this avocado hair treatment and your hair should be looking, feeling and even smelling great. Please let me know what you think of this hair mask recipe if you try it for yourself.

There’s more on how the special kind of nutrition in avocado can improve your appearance here and other good natural foods for better hair here.

Photo 1 credit with thanks: Steven Lilley

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